Monday, March 7, 2011

i've missed you, blog.

WOW! Has it been forever since I've posted or what?! Way too long. But I recently made 9 cards in two days so I have plenty of fun stuff to share.
Not sure how much time I'll have in the near future to create new things since we just brought our beautiful son home from the hospital!
This our my big chunk of love, Jack:

Here's the latest card. It was a submission reject from CARDS magazine but I am really in love with how it turned out. I think I may just have to get it into the mail pretty soon.
The paper is October Afternoon and the die cuts are K&Company. Not to brag or anything :) but I made the scrunched seam binding myself and like how it looks with this card.

Thank you for stopping by!
Hope everyone has a great week


  1. Congrats! He's beautiful! I think your card is terrific and love the seam binding you made!

  2. Congratulation he is a hunk! Love those chubby cheeks!! Love the card too, specially the glittery stars!!

  3. Oh my!!! Jack is absolutely delicious!!! Congratulations on your sweet new baby boy! I wish you all the best!! Having just come out of "baby world", I especially hope you can get some sleep and a few long showers. ;) (My baby is now 20 months and it goes by SO FAST!!) Oh, and your card is *almost* as gorgeous as your little bundle!! :-) :-) Best of luck to you!!!!!