Friday, May 7, 2010


Well it's not often that I make a card that I don't want to give away. Today's card is one of those. I am in absolute LOVE with this card and almost can't bear to part with it! Haha!

The patterned papers are all very cute and coordinated. There is simple sewing on the edges. I scalloped some pieces and rounded other corners. Then of course a vintage book print embellishment-- awesome! :) The circle was cut out with my Cricut and the faded image was stamped with Versamark and the sentiment on top of that. That font is just perfect!

Hope you've all enjoyed this card as much as I have. I'll be getting in the mail asap and off to a new special home!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It's lovely! I have a hard time parting with my cards. I feel the need to protect them from being tossed in the trash by an uncaring recipient! LOL

  2. It's is beautiful!! I'm another one who hates to part with my cards, LOL!

  3. It's beautiful - I can see why you wouldn't want to part with it. I just love using bookprint, too.

  4. Beautiful!! I love the sewing you did on this.